New York Soaps Extras Casting Directors

AFTRA (American Federation of Television and Radio Artists) has jurisdiction over extras on soaps. You must be a member of AFTRA to work on soaps. However, there is a rule (called Taft-Hartley) that states a person can work on an AFTRA show without being a member of AFTRA, but after 30 days from the first day you work on the AFTRA show, you MUST then join AFTRA. You have the option of signing your paycheck over to AFTRA until your initiation fee and dues are paid in full. The initiation fee is $1,600 and minimum dues are $63.90.

When submitting to soaps, send the background extras casting department an 8X10 theatrical photo and resume, along with a very brief cover letter stating to the extras casting department your interest in working on the show. Put your AFTRA membership number on the resume and cover letter. If you are not yet a member of AFTRA, state in your cover letter that you are willing to "Taft-Hartley" and join AFTRA.

Click Here to join AFTRA online.

You may also join at any local AFTRA branch office near you.

The pay for a soap extras is as follows:

30-minute program $111.00 for 8½-hour day
60-minute program $144.00 for 9-hour day
Overtime $17 for the first 2 hours and $22 per hour thereafter

Overtime is paid in half hour increments.

When 20 or more Background Actors are engaged on any program per day, all Background Actors engaged on the program will be paid at 20% less than the existing Program Fee. Such 20% reduction shall apply to the Program Fee only. The Background Actor must be notified at the time of employment of the rate at which he/she is to be employed.

Additional Day (on same episode)

30-minute program $70.00 for 8½-hour day
60-minute program $92.00 for 9-hour day

As The World Turns
Kate Martineau
c/o JC Studios
1268 E. 14th St.
Brooklyn, NY 11230

One Life To Live
Sheryl Baker Fisher
320 West 66th Street
New York, N. Y. 10023