Indie feature film 'So This is Christmas' casting extras in Tulsa, OK

So This is Christmas Extras Casting

"So This is Christmas" is under SAG Low Budget Modified Affirmative Action contract.
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Foster Entertainment and So This Is Christmas, LLC productions is currently filming the Indie feature film "So This is Christmas" in the city of Tulsa, Oklahoma and its surrounding areas. The film has cast some of the lead actors in Los Angeles, and some leads and supporting roles in Oklahoma. The extras are being cast in Oklahoma.

"So This is Christmas" is a feature-length motion picture about choices and consequences, starring Oscar-nominated Eric Roberts, Emmy-nominated Lexi Ainsworth, Vivica A. Fox, and Titus Makin of Glee. The film is a story of redemption that follows a teenage girl who turns her empty life around and finds its meaning by giving to others. The story also focuses on the main character’s brother, who hits rock bottom and experiences real grace by reaching out to others. Additionally, it is a Christmas story that will include a comical children's presentation of the traditional story.

The original award-winning screenplay was written by producers Richard and Deborah Foster, and will be directed by Richard Foster as both director and cinematographer. The Fosters’ background includes many years of national and international television commercials, for which they have garnered numerous awards. "So This is Christmas" is utilizing the 35% Oklahoma Film Enhancement Rebate, so the production is using crew, supporting cast, locations, and many other resources in the state of Oklahoma.

If you are located in Oklahoma and are interested in being considered for acting or extra roles on "So This Is Christmas", email a recent color photo and resume (if available), all clothing sizes, and contact information to the following:

Filming runs through November 12, 2011.

Principal Actor Casting

See the post titled Headshot and Resume Information regarding how to submit for acting roles.

Please submit photos and resumes by email only.
No phone calls or personal drop-offs.

Los Angeles:

Michael Donovan CSA
7805 Sunset Blvd.
Suite 200
Los Angeles, CA 90046


Chris Freihofer CSA
3750 W Main Street
Five Park A
Norman, Oklahoma 73072

Extras Casting


Chris Freihofer CSA
3750 W Main Street
Five Park A
Norman, Oklahoma 73072

Production Company:

Do NOT send photos and resumes to the production company, as they will most likely end up being thrown away. They do not cast the films, rather they hire casting directors who sort through the thousands of submissions.

Foster Entertainment
7030 C South Lewis Avenue
PMB 333
Tulsa, OK 74136

Producers: Richard Foster, Deborah Foster

Director:Richard Foster


Eric Roberts - Bill
Vivica A. Fox - Sharon
Lexi Ainsworth - Ashley
Titus Makin, Jr. - Jason
Bryan Massey - Mac
Cassidee Vandalia - Nicki
Erica Rhodes - Angelina
Justinh Avery - Jonathan
Daven Wilson - Hank
Derick Snow - Geo
Lemarc Johnson - Roach
Stan Gao - Pretty Boy
Don Taylor - Bob Blackman
Jillian Estell - Darlene
Campbell Casillo - Keven
Jonathan Harp - Joseph
Cameron Mcgarry - Wise Man
Evelyn Smith - Wise Woman
Michael Mandanas - Heron
Marcus Mauldin - Coach
Laurie Cummings - Physician
Leslie Hippensteel - Policewoman
Sasha the golden retriever - Willy


So This Is Christmas is a film about choices and consequences. Ashley, a disillusioned eighteen year old, lives life in the fast lane seeking acceptance with her streetwise friend, Nicki's quest for guys and alcohol until a handyman working around her house abruptly invades her blended family's life. Before she can shoplift another mini skirt, she finds herself writing and directing a Christmas play for over sixty underprivileged kids. At the same time she runs headlong into her ultimate soul mate. They may live happily ever after unless her stepbrother, the drugged out Jason, gets her killed first.

Steven Spielberg feature film 'Lincoln' seeking extras in Virginia

Steven Spielberg Lincoln Richmond Casting

Disney's Touchstone Pictures will release "Lincoln" in December, 2012
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Note: Have you been waiting to hear back from a Lincoln casting call or submission? Don’t give up yet! There might still be hope.

Today the Virginia Film Office said locals who attended extras casting calls for "Office Seekers" / the Lincoln film may still get a call-back. So don’t cut or trim your beards, aspiring Richmond celebs, Spielberg & Co, are calling actors as needed. The Virginia Film Office advises that everyone should plan on being on stand-by throughout the fall shoot. Filming is scheduled to run through early December. In short, just because you haven't heard back yet, doesn't mean you won't hear back at all.


Academy Award-winning filmmaker Steven Spielberg is set to begin production on the highly anticipated major feature film "Lincoln". The extras casting director is seeking adult Caucasian and African American men and women who are located within reasonable driving distance of the Richmond and Petersburg, VA areas to work as extras, photo-doubles, and stand-ins for the film's stars. Shooting begins mid-October, 2011.

Three-time Academy Award winner Steven Spielberg will direct the film from a screenplay written by Academy Award nominated Tony Kushner. The adapted screenplay is based on Doris Kearns Goodwin's bestseller "Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln," which follows Lincoln's leadership during the years of the American Civil War. While consulting on a Steven Spielberg project in 1999, Kearns-Goodwin told Spielberg she was planning to write "Team of Rivals," and Spielberg immediately told her he wanted the film rights. DreamWorks finalized the deal way back in 2001 and the film has been in development ever since.

Spielberg stated, "We start shooting in October. Doris Kearns Goodwin's book Team Of Rivals is much too big a book to be a movie, so the Lincoln story only takes place in the last few months of his Presidency and life. I was interested in how he ended the war through all the efforts of his generals...but more importantly how he passed the 13th Amendment into constitutional law. The Emancipation Proclamation was a war powers act and could have been struck down by any court after the war ended...But what permanently ended slavery was the very close vote in the House of Representatives over the 13th Amendment - that story I'm excited to tell".

The "Lincoln" cast includes two-time Academy Award winner Daniel Day-Lewis as Abraham Lincoln, and two-time Academy Award winner Sally Field as Mary Todd Lincoln, Golden Globe nominated Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Robert Todd Lincoln, Academy Award winner Tommy Lee Jones as Thaddeus Stevens, Academy Award nominated Jackie Earle Haley as Alexander Stephens, and two-time Golden Globe Award nominated Lee Pace as Fernando Wood. Liam Neeson was attached to play the role of Abraham Lincoln from the start, but withdrew from the project in 2010, at which point Daniel Day-Lewis agreed to play the role.

Note: "Lincoln" is also using the working title of "Office Seekers". A working title is the temporary name of a film used during its development. Working titles are used primarily for two reasons - the first being that an official title has not yet been decided upon and the working title is being used as a filler for naming purposes, the second being to intentionally disguise the production of a high profile film. In some cases a working title may ultimately be used as the official title. This "title ruse" is now a very common practice by which these high-profile films or television series is given a fake working title to keep its production a secret, and to prevent price gouging by suppliers, casual theft and undesirable attention.

Here is what the casting director is seeking:

Caucasian and African American Men

• Height: 6’1” and under.
• Weight: 200lbs or less.
• Facial hair and longish hair a huge plus.
• No shaved heads, dreadlocks or braids.
• No piercings.

Caucasian Women

• Shoulder length or longer hair.
• Hair must be natural color.
• No bleached, dyed or streaked hair.
• Should be a dress size 6-12.

African American Women

• Any length hair but no dreads, braids, modern cuts or wigs.
• Should be a dress size 6-12.

If you are located within reasonable driving distance if Richmond and Petersburg, Virginia:

Please send a recent color snapshot to

Include height, weight and all contact information.

You may also mail in your info to the following:

Attn: Extras Casting
Office Seekers
8080 AMF Drive
Mechanicsville, VA 23111

Anyone who has previously applied or attended open casting calls for this film need not resubmit.

Filming runs from October 10, 2011 through December 16, 2011.

Principal Actor Casting

See the post titled Headshot and Resume Information regarding how to submit for acting roles.

Please submit photos and resumes by mail only.
No phone calls or personal drop-offs.

New York:

Avy Kaufman
"Office Seekers" Casting
180 Varick Street
16th Floor
New York, NY 10014

Extras Casting

Richmond, VA:

Attn: Extras Casting
Office Seekers
8080 AMF Drive
Mechanicsville, VA 23111

Production Companies:

Do NOT send photos and resumes to the production companies, as they will most likely end up being thrown away. They do not cast the films, rather they hire casting directors who sort through the thousands of submissions.

Office Seekers Productions
8080 Amf Drive
Mechanicsville, VA 23111

DreamWorks SKG
100 Universal City Plaza
Building 10
Universal City, CA 91608

Amblin Entertainment
100 Universal Plaza
Building 477
Universal City, CA 91608

Touchstone Pictures
500 S Buena Vista Street
Burbank, CA 91521

Imagine Entertainment
9465 Wilshire Blvd.
7th Floor
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

Parkes/MacDonald Productions
1663 Euclid Street
Santa Monica, CA 90404

The Kennedy/Marshall Company
619 Arizona Avenue
Santa Monica, CA 90401

The Weinstein Company
375 Greenwich Street
3rd Floor
New York, NY 10013

"Lincoln" L.A. Production Office
Office Seekers Productions, LLC
100 Universal City Plaza
Universal City, CA 91608


Frank Marshall
Kathleen Kennedy
Laurie MacDonald
Walter Parkes


Steven Spielberg


Daniel Day-Lewis
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Sally Field
Tommy Lee Jones
Hal Holbrook
James Spader
John Hawkes
Tim Blake Nelson
Bruce McGill
Joseph Cross
David Costabile
Byron Jennings
Dakin Matthews
Boris McGiver
Gloria Reuben
Jeremy Strong
David Warshofsky
David Strathairn
Walton Goggins


The film will focus on the political collision of Abraham Lincoln and the powerful men of his cabinet on the road to abolition and the end of the Civil War. Daniel Day Lewis is cast as the bearded 16th president of the United States and Sally Field as his wife Mary Todd. Tommy Lee Jones will play Thaddeus Stevens, a Republican leader and congressman from Pennsylvania in the U.S. House of Representatives. Stevens was a staunch supporter of abolishing slavery and was critical to writing the legislation that funded the American Civil War. Joseph Gordon-Levitt has been cast to play Abraham Lincoln's son, Robert Todd Lincoln.