Columbia Pictures 'The Amazing Spider-Man' seeking stand-ins for film's stars in New York

"The Amazing Spider-Man," now in the New York phase of production, is seeking SAG members to work as stand-ins for the film's starring actors. "The Amazing Spider-Man" is being shot entirely in 3D. The film stars Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Embeth Davidtz, Rhys Ifans, Denis Leary, Campbell Scott, Irrfan Khan, Martin Sheen, and Sally Field.

The film is directed by Marc Webb from a screenplay by James Vanderbilt and Alvin Sargent and Steve Kloves based on the Marvel Comic Book by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. Laura Ziskin, Avi Arad, and Matt Tolmach are producing the Marvel Entertainment production for Columbia Pictures. The executive producers are Stan Lee, Kevin Feige, and Michael Grillo.

Note: "The Amazing Spider-Man" has been using the working title of "Fiona's Tale". A working title is the temporary name of a film used during its development. Working titles are used primarily for two reasons - the first being that an official title has not yet been decided upon and the working title is being used as a filler for naming purposes, the second being to intentionally disguise the production of a high profile film. In some cases a working title may ultimately be used as the official title. This "title ruse" is now a very common practice by which these high-profile films or television series is given a fake working title to keep its production a secret, and to prevent price gouging by suppliers, casual theft and undesirable attention. The release title of this film will be "The Amazing Spider-Man".

Central Casting is seeking SAG Members who can Photo Double for the New York unit of the feature film, "The Amazing Spider-Man".

Here is what they need:

Actor Campbell Scott: Someone able to portray a Caucasian, male, late forties – mid fifties with grey hair, 5’11 to 6’1 to fit size 40R, waist 35/34, with 16 neck and 34 sleeve. Hair is short, conservative, grey with spots of white. Candidates must be comfortable a possible haircut or coloring. Candidates should be fully available for possible overnight shoot, exteriors and rain.

Actress Embeth Davidtz: Seeking a SAG member WITH VALID DRIVERS LICENSE to photo double actress Embeth Davis. They are seeking someone to portray a Caucasian, female, mid-late forties with chocolate brown hair, 5’6 to 5’8 to fit size 2 and bust 34A. Hair is shoulder length with bangs. Candidates must be comfortable a possible haircut or coloring. Candidates should be fully available for possible overnight shoot, exteriors and rain.

Child Actor Charles Max: Someone to portray a Caucasian boy, age 7 with chocolate brown hair that is a bit longer and shaggy; height should match 48” to 50,” (weight appx 50lbs), to fit kid size 5R or 6 SLIM. Candidates must be comfortable getting a possible haircut or coloring. Candidates should be fully available for possible overnight shoot, exteriors and rain. Candidates must be able to provide up-to-date New York Child Performer Work Permit and proof of trust account.

Interested parties who would like to be considered can 646-929-9136 and email current photos, sizes and contact information to the following:

Please put "FIONA's TALE NY STAND INS" in the subject line of your email.

"The Amazing Spider-Man" is scheduled to be released in 3D on July 3, 2012.

Extras Casting

New York:

Lauren Cokeley
Central Casting
"The Amazing Spider-Man" Extras Casting
875 Sixth Avenue
15th Floor
New York, NY 10001

Principal Actor Casting

See the post titled Headshot and Resume Information regarding how to submit for acting roles.

Please submit photos and resumes by mail only.
No phone calls or personal drop-offs.

Principal Actor casting has been completed.

Francine Maisler
"The Amazing Spider-Man" Casting
10202 W. Washington Blvd.
Suite 3200
Poitier Building
Culver City, CA 90232

Production Companies:

Do NOT send photos and resumes to the production companies, as they will most likely end up being thrown away. They do not cast the films, rather they hire casting directors who sort through the thousands of submissions.

Columbia Pictures
110 Leroy Street
6th floor
New York, NY 10014

Laura Ziskin Productions
10202 W Washington Blvd.
Astaire Bldg.
Suite 1310
Culver City, CA 90232

Marvel Enterprises
135 W 50th Street
New York, NY 10020


Michael Grillo
Stan Lee
Avi Arad
Matthew Tolmach
Laura Ziskin


Marc Webb


Andrew Garfield - Peter Parker/Spider-Man
Rhys Ifans - Dr. Curt Connors/The Lizard
Embeth Davidtz - Mary Parker
Denis Leary - George Stacy
Irrfan Khan - Nels Van Adder
Annie Parisse - Mrs. Van Adder
Campbell Scott - Richard Parker
Chris Zylka - Flash Thompson
Emma Stone - Gwen Stacy
Martin Sheen - Ben Parker
Sally Field - May Parker


"The Amazing Spider-Man" is rumored to be based on the "Ultimate Spider-Man" comics and will have Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) developing his abilities in back in high school. Peter tries to balance school, a job, a girlfriend (Emma Stone), his Aunt May (Sally Field) and his life as Spider-Man, which proves to be difficult. The main villain is said to be The Lizard (Rhys Ifans).