A Guide on How to Pull Out Your Kid’s Baby Teeth

We see so many videos circulating social media nowadays where kids’ baby teeth are being pulled out via different methods but most of them seem scary to most parents and we understand because there are some videos where kids are pulling out each others teeth and frankly, that seems painful. When you become a parent, you wish no pain to befall on your kid but that is impossible and you have to make peace with the fact that your kid’s teeth falling out maybe a little painful for him/her.

If you want to go the right way about this whole thing then you can just go to a pediatric dentist Atlanta and get the whole thing done professionally which is a good choice but the thing is that kid’s have a lot of baby teeth which fall out and not everyone can afford going to a dentist every single time a teeth loosens up which is why we are going to tell you how to do the whole process on your own. Most of the time, the teeth loosens up and falls out on its own or when kids touch it or press their tongue against it but when that does not happen with your kids, you need to use your parent power and pull the teeth out. You should not be scared of doing it and try to keep your kid informed on every single step and point out the reasons behind each step so that they understand.

  • Take a soft warm cloth and grasp the loose teeth.
  • Start softly and gently pushing it around and you would feel it loosening more.
  • When you feel that it is almost out, just pull it out and you are done.
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