A House in The Suburb: No Longer The Dream?

We all know that trends tend to change over the years, however, the trend of buying a house in the suburb was a trend that was once the ruling trend and it stayed that way for over a century, however, if you know check real estate trends, you will notice that houses are no longer a priority for people that are interested in property, especially since the millennials. As a result, the number of houses being bought annually have been reducing with every single year over the past decade. Instead, a lot of people are interested in either staying in apartments or buying a condo. If you are looking for condos, then XO condos currently have available units that you can check out.

Some people might associate this change in trend to the housing crisis that led to the prices of houses being raised exponentially, while others may point out that the cost of living has increased over the years, however, incomes on the other hand, have not, so buying a house is the least of a person’s concern when they are trying to make a loveable income.

Lastly, and most importantly, people no longer see houses as any proof of success like it used to be seen before. In fact, people now find them to be a very inconvenient option since the suburbs are located in the city, meaning they are far away and it can take over 2 hours every single day just commuting to and from the city, leading to a lot of money, time and fuel being wasted, along with the additional issue of spending so long behind the wheel. So, houses are no longer desired by people and people end up going for more convenient options instead.

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