Basketball – A Game For Tall People?

If you watch professional basketball matches a lot then you’ve noticed by now that as a rule of thumb, major league players are pretty tall. There’s regular tall which you see every now and then in real life but then there’s major league basketball player tall, and we’re talking 6’5 and above kind of tall. Naturally not everyone has that kind of height so it really begs the question, do you really need to be that tall to get good at the game?

You see there are many things that happen in the game; players dribble, they pass the ball around and finally one of them shoots the ball towards the hoop. If there’s one place where height might actually grant you an advantage, then it’s while shooting towards the goal. Not that you need to have height to throw the ball correctly, it’s just unlikely that someone would be able to snatch the ball away from your hands when you’re positioning it above your head for that shot.

A lot of short people are easily dismayed by the height stereotype in basketball and because of this, most of them don’t really partake in the game themselves no matter how much they want to. To be honest with you, we’ve seen some really good basketball players that are under 5’5 as well.

Yes, the playing field might be dominated by tall layers but this is where you can really use your short height as an advantage too. You’re faster than them and since you’re shorter, you can dribbler closer to the floor as well, making it harder to snatch from you. Read a few basketball tips for short players and become that player who is not to be under estimated.

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