Categories or Sections You Should Have in Employee Warning Forms

There are times in your work life, especially as an HR employee, you will be witnessing some of the worst performances of employees and sometimes bad conduct or behavior; in such cases most of the time the employees are issued a warning letter that basically helps them in understanding the output they are expected to produce and in case of breaking those rules and violating the policies of the organization it can lead to strict consequences which are jotted down in detailed and highlighted all throughout the letter. In order for the warning notice to be issued you have to have a valid reason for it and in order to assess the situation disciplinary action form is used to put in all the details and then it is put on the record of employees for future references.

If you are in a small scale company, then for such things the CEO is the one who handles all the employee notices and warning letters so that they are smoothly dealt with. Of course this is one of those cards that aren’t played with unless there is a dire need for it. With that said, let us now take a look at the contents or sections that need to be included in the disciplinary action form, check them out below.

Credentials of Employee

The very first section requires you to put in all the important details of the employee like the number they have been assigned, department, name and their tasks that they undertake.

Violation And Notes Section

The next section has to be about the violation of rules and you jot down everything that they have done and make detailed notes so that there is nothing that is left ambiguously during investigation in the matter.

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