Defeating Diseases Through Research

The human body is a very complex system with many small components working at microscopic levels to maintain its function. Asides from being just very complex, our bodies are also very fragile when infected with certain kinds of diseases. Most of our ailments can be cured through the administration of certain medical drugs that help our immune system fight off the bacteria and viruses causing these ailments but at other times, chemical drugs might not be enough.

Some of the more complex diseases can be more persistent in our bodies and to treat them effectively, we need to administer a different, more organic kind of medicine – antibodies. Antibodies are already present in our bodies to fight off harmful intruders called antigens. Our immune systems produce antibodies or immunoglobulins; these Y shaped proteins are what prevent antigens such as viruses, bacteria and other toxic chemicals from damaging our bodies.

Though these things are naturally present in us to keep our bodies safe and to cure diseases, sometimes there can be too many antigens present in the body for your immune system to handle or your immune system itself can become weaker and not be able to fight off ailments in time; this is when it becomes necessary to administer bioengineered antibodies into a patient’s blood stream.

There are many high end labs out there working on custom antibody production services just so the doctors are always one step ahead of diseases so they can cure them. Antibodies cannot be manufactured but they can be developed in labs using immunized animal cells. Thanks to the medical research behind this, doctors are now able to cure patients with weakened immune systems and too many antigens present in their bodies.

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