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The Vitaclay Smart Organic Multicooker Eco-Friendly Clay Inside – Fastest Cooker when compared to any other type of slow cooker, plus it is great at preserving the nutrients and natural minerals of your food. This multi cooker has a number of features that set it apart from any other sort of cooker. As previously mentioned it can be used as a slow cooker, but it can also be used as a rice cooker, a steamer, and even as a yogurt maker.

The Vitaclay multi cooker is available in three different sizes, you can get it at 2 quartz, 6 cups, and 8 cup, depending on how you need it. The slow cooker setting lets you cook your meals about 4 times faster than a regular slow cooker, and aside from that you have a number of different settings to use this and can set it to serve you in 7 major functions.

However, the reason this multi cooker stands out is because of the interior clay design that it has. The cooker is made out of all natural Zisha clay. The way this cooker preserves the nutrients of your food is because your food is being cooked in unglazed clay and that helps preserves the quality of the food. The enzymes of the food are also preserves to help you with digestion.

Normally enzymes will be lost upon heating and your body will have to work more just to digest the food. With the clay insides this is not a problem. Another benefit that comes with the ceramic design of the Vitaclay multi cooker is that the whole cooker is super easy to clean and does not cost as much as other cookers normally do. They are also a non – toxic material so there is not much to fear when using it.

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