Here Are a Few Ideas For Your Baby’s Progression Photos

We all are very focused around our baby’s life that there is nothing we would not do to make them happier! A lot of times, parents try to be creative with their babies and do strange things that they find fun and meaningful in their own ways. Taking photos of your baby is a great and reassuring happy that keeps you happy all the time. However, sometimes we are not that well versed with photography and we do not exactly know what kind of photos to take to make it more creative. Maybe after reading this article, you could have a better idea about how to go about it.

Stages of Pregnancy

Other than just the baby’s fetal photos, what you can do is take some good portraits of the baby while he is inside the womb. The change a baby makes to a mother’s stomach size is absolutely astonishing and to capture those moments in a good image can be very creative to show where the baby used to live.

Nude Baby Photos

Nudity is very common in art, but this time around, it is completely different. Babies are the purest souls out there, and when they are completely naked, their purity shines even brighter and colors everything around them. Having them in contrast with the world we live in can be a really good photographic idea.

Biggest Tip

Last and most importantly, I would encourage you to get a professional photographer to do this job for you. This is because you might not know, for example, what angles to take of the mother’s tummy for the pregnancy photos, what kind of lens to use and what kind of settings to use for these photos. If you want to have an idea, go over to

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