Natural Acting

When the video camera came out, it revolutionised the world in many ways, it had a significant impact in the theatrical world as well since actors and directors now had access to a much wider set of options when making their work. With the advent of film, the practice of using “non-actors” in movies came into existence, this basically involved selecting people not based on their acting ability and skill, but rather on how well did their “type” match with how the director had imagined a specific character in their mind.

This meant that many actors who were on film were simply playing an enhanced version of themselves on screen, this allowed movies to feel more natural and made every character in the movie seem more real as well. The concept of using “non-actors” to play roles on camera is effective in a way, however there are many people who criticize this practice, saying that movie stars on camera do not have to be as talented as stars on stage, critics also state that judging a non-actors acting skills is harder since you cannot say whether they are actually acting or whether they are simply being themselves in front of the camera.

Regardless of what people think or do not think about this practice, it goes without saying that this practice, coupled with advancements in technology have allowed actors to carry out stunts and feats that would never have been possible on stage. By not having to perform in front of a live audience, actors are able to perform the same lines over and over again until the perfect take has been captured, resulting in a movie that is free of any mistakes that might ruin the viewer’s level of immersion in the story.

At the core of using non-actors to depict roles on screen is a constant effort made by the director to capture emotions and feelings on the camera that are pure, many directors have hired non-actors simply because they do not want their work to include emotions that are fake. The act of hiring fake actors can be seen throughout the history of modern cinema, in some cases it has produced great results while in other cases it has led to movies lacking polish or being downright mediocre, in the end, when hiring non-actors, one is pretty much playing a gamble.

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