Race Gear is as Important as Race Practice

Running track, like any other sport, requires the right kind of equipment and costume made especially for the sport. The apparel needed for running track includes shirts, hats, safety gear, towels, glasses, etc. The gear you need for a race depends on the race event itself. If you’re going to organize a huge race event, then you should get some good quality apparel made. Men are more considerate about comfort than women are when it comes to getting clothes for athleisure or for a race event. This is why, men’s running t-shirts usually come in material that is comfortable and durable in the most. If the apparel is being designed by a male, then it is likely that the runners and the rest of the crew are going to feel bad about the shirts. Most times, designers forget that the shirt is being designed for a mega event and only keep in mind the basic idea of comfort. What happens is that the shirts are comfortable but their design is not worthy of a big event. During such an event, the runner has to wear the same shirt to promotional events and ends up feeling demotivated and unconfident when going up in front of the camera or when giving interviews.

While small events get simple apparel with no or very little design, bigger events get the entire gear customized according to the team. However, most events these days have some basic design and artwork on their shirt. Sublimated shirts are also becoming highly popular as they are cheap and in trend. The sublimations can be done in a variety of ways. It is advisable to get the event name and logo printed on the shirt so that it is can be recognized.

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