Reiki Therapy: All You Need to Know

With the ever-growing popularity of ASMR and other relaxing techniques, the one treatment which always provides top results is the Reiki Therapy.

The Japanese word, Reiki, means “universal life energy”. It is believed that all living beings on Earth posses an energy which is also known as the “life energy”. This energy, according to the Japanese therapy, can be hindered by any mental or physical poor condition. Here, Reiki comes into play; an act towards restoring the needed energy of the particular person.

How Does Reiki Work?

The process involves two key individuals: The practitioner and the client. First, the client is made comfortable and the practitioner takes consent to touch them in the duration of the therapy. All measures are taken to relax the client, including respecting any preference for any areas to not be touched. A common session lasts between 15 ton90 minutes and the client keeps feeling more relaxed with each passing second. The atmosphere is shaped around the client’s needs, like the sort of music they would prefer, lying on their backs or stomachs, etc.

Where Can I Get Reiki?

The need for Reiki is being recognised in people dealing with any form of stress and thus, over 60 American hospitals have taken up to offer Reiki therapy to their patients, though the insurance does not cover it. However, Reiki in Chicago is one of a kind, offered by the professional, Molly Coeling.

Treatment Targets of Reiki

Reiki is an effective relaxation therapy for physical and emotional trauma, both. There are a number of illnesses where patients have reported feeling relaxed after Reiki, including patients of cancer, heart disease, chronic illness, depression, anxiety, infertility, autism and much more. In all these illnesses, Reiki targets the stress factor and eliminates it, leading to a much more relaxed person.

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