Stone Troubles And How to Get Rid of Them

If your property uses stone flooring and stone walls in its construction, you’ve made a fine choice but in the long run, you’ll have to make sure that you’re able to keep your stone ware clean. Because stone surfaces are rough in general, they attract all kinds of natural elements that just ruin their appearance in the long run.

Stoneware looks simply spectacular in all kinds of buildings, residential and commercial but over time you might find the following aesthetic problems with your stoneware and need to contact a company that offers stone restoration services in Edinburgh.


It’s very common for stone surfaces such as limestone to go yellow over the years. A lot of buildings use pale coloured stones because of their overall aesthetic appeal but this appeal might lose its pale appearance to yellowing from rain and dirt in the atmosphere. In such cases, you can contact companies that offer stone restoration services in Edinburgh to head on over and use high pressure cleaning equipment to restore your stone surface to its original look.

Dirt And Smoke

Small particles from dirt and smoke can also yellow and even blacken stone surfaces in the long run. If the atmosphere around a building is polluted, the stoneware can get affected much faster as well. In certain cases, very old buildings start turning black because of the way smoke and dirt has accumulated on the stone surface. Fortunately though, even hundreds of years of dirt can be removed from stone using modern cleaning techniques.

Natural Growth

Stone surfaces can very easily become home to moss and other natural growths that can make them look old and deserted. However, these can be cleaned off and prevented using certain kinds of coatings.

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