The Next Big Thing in Toronto’s Entertainment District

Toronto has no shortage of condominiums, but that does not mean that this ever growing city has reached its condominium building limit just yet, by the looks of things Toronto plans on becoming known as the city of sky high condos very soon. There is no shortage of experienced builders and architects wanting to leave their mark on the city as well, there are several promising condo projects already in their pre-construction phase, all of which are going to provide people with superbly built and superbly located living spaces all across this sprawling city.

The biggest reason why there are so many condos being built in Toronto is that the city is starting to run out of place for people to settle down on, most of the city’s major areas have precious little living space that not everyone can afford, leaving people with no choice but to settle down in areas that are far away from everything important and have accessibility issues. A well-placed condo can provides hundreds of people with comfortable place to live in an area that has great accessibility, this is why condos have become so popular in Toronto.

One of the largest condo projects that Toronto has seen so far is the Mirvish and Gehry Condos on King St W Toronto; a condo building that will have a whopping 95 storeys, a total of 1950 suites and a façade designed by Frank Gehry himself; one of top architects in the world. This condo plans on becoming the third largest building in Toronto’s impressive collection of architectural masterpieces and is going to provide numerous people with superb living areas right next to the entertainment district. The project is currently in its pre-construction phase and will near completion somewhere in 2021.

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