The Rise of Hardships Begin Faced By Acting Studios

Just like the age of heroes died out when weaponry became modernised, the acting industry has become a victim of the inevitability of time moving on. Gone are the days when movie stars where measured and rated based on their stage experience and what kind of tutelage had they undergone. Acting schools have slowly started to lose their popularity since less and less actors are wanting to go to them since nowadays people are being chosen for roles on film simply because they have achieved stardom on social media.

Mary Boyer’s acting school is a prime example; an acting school that was founded in 2003 and had up to 150 students, but its number of students had been reduced to only 50 by 2008. According to Ms. Boyer, the reason behind this was that as the economy changed, so did the requirements of the audience and actors. She had noted that newer students were often looking for instant gratification and that overall her teaching methods simply failed to meet the expectations of the newer generation.

Mary Boyer’s school is not the only one that suffered, many renowned acting schools that had helped produce spectacular actors have now had to make compromises and cut downs in order to keep themselves from collapsing completely. The biggest problem is that while the number of students for these schools continues to dwindle, their expenses such as rent keeps on rising, making it harder for them to function like they used to.

Another reason behind these hard times for acting studios is that some of the biggest acting studios in the world decided to join forces with universities at one point, this lead to their power and reach multiplying. These acting schools have dominated the market since then and have made it next to impossible for many independent schools to maintain a grip on their turf. With larger budgets, university level acting schools are able to run more effective recruitment programs and even get to pick from the cream of the crop through their alumni systems, leaving other schools in a corner.

University level acting schools are also able to provide their students with much more exposure, their larger and more modernised facilities coupled with their ties and connections provide young actors with everything that they need in order to hone and perfect their talents. However, even these star studded schools have been having to deal with the problems of rising costs, every year living costs are becoming greater and greater. Some schools have remedied this problem by simply raising their fees while others who are more passionate about their work have had to make compromises in order to keep their services from becoming too expensive.

Some schools have had to relocate from their original locations to places which have lower rents while others have had to sacrifice space to lower their annual rents, acting schools everywhere are in for a hard time and this trend is only going to rise in the near future.

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