These Beauty Trends Are Going to Take Over 2018

Each week new beauty products are launched in the market that set new fashion trends and this is one of the reasons why the beauty industry is making records in terms of growth. Last year it was all about renewable sources to produce skin care products and this year many celebrities are endorsing probiotic products because of their benefits to human body. With such rapid changes in the industry we are always wondering what is next and what kind of trends should we follow?

The growing popularity of the Tom Ford look can easily indicate about the growth prospects of the 60’s fashion in the current era. The wide leather headbands that were worn by the top models of that era on the runways are now being reintroduced in the market. These headbands make a perfect combination with dark colored eye shadows that give the model a unique appearance.

You only have to scroll through a couple of hashtags on your Instagram to come across latest posts about microblading eyebrows. This is a new cosmetic treatment in which sharp needles are used to deposit selected pigment below your skin which gives a natural look. Your eye brow goals can be achieved this year with the latest beauty trend and make sure to visit a reliable company such as Phibrow.

Women with oval faces and soft skin can enhance their beauty by having a neon bob haircut which seems to be in fashion. Make a dazzling appearance the next time you visit a gathering with this new look and get ready to make a memorable appearance in the crowd. The trend of false lashes is gaining preference by beauty experts and these sky-high lashes are not just clearly visible but also enhance your overall beauty.

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