Top Kayaking Tips For First-Time Paddlers

Kayaks have been used by ancient people mainly for hunting purposes and as a means of transport. The traditional kayaks were made from seal bones and bladders of various animals that kept them afloat on the surface of water. Nowadays kayaks have been designed with sophisticated materials such as fiberglass or Kevlar as they are mainly used for recreational purposes. Many beginners simply buy new kayaks for their holidays and they think they can paddle it without any prior experience. In order to avoid any mishaps it is always better to know how it works and how to operate it.

Before setting off on an adventurous kayaking trip you should make safety as your biggest priority. Make sure to wear high quality personal floatation devices that assure your safety and provide additional support throughout the journey. As a beginner you should make sure to strap on the buckle firmly so that it doesn’t fall off from in case you run into an accident. If you want to navigate and steer better the next time you venture on a trip, then make sure to read the guide provided on the website of now.

The type of paddle you buy depends mainly on your body weight and height. People who are taller usually require longer paddles which allow them to steer through the lakes much easily. Many beginners are not able to distinguish between canoeing and kayaking as they have very minor differences. The main thing that would allow you to easily tell on type from another is number of paddles. Kayaking paddles have blades on both the sides which give the entire buoyant object a unique motion. You also have to learn the techniques and methods of getting into your kayak without getting wet.

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