Using Water Pillows

When most people think of a water pillow they may think of something like a large water balloon that could end up leaking or bursting. It definitely does not sound like something that would be very comfortable or fun to sleep on but you would be surprised at how great it can actually be for you. Rather than being inconsistent and stretchy pillows, these are really good for you and can be quite therapeutic for things such as neck pain. What a water pillow actually is, is a sealed internal reservoir inside a pillow that is coated with either foam or cotton and then wrapped in cloth. Now while we might be used to the regular types of pillows that we normally have around, these pillows can be really great. So in this article we will be talking about the features you should always look for in a water pillow, as recommended by the MySleepyFerret sleep blog.

There are two main types of water pillows, these are the memory foam water pillow and the polyester pouch water pillow. The memory foam water pillow does not have any actual water in it but the foam is infused with a special type of watery gel. The gel saturates the foam and gives it a feeling of being infused with water. This type of pillow helps relieve neck pain and cools you head while you sleep and also takes on the shape of your head for comfort too. The polyester pillow on the other hand is a pillow around a polyester pouch. This pouch can be filled in with tap water by the person who sleeps on it. This pillow feels more like a regular pillow but the water inside it helps keep the pillow shape and prevents it from collapsing while you sleep.

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