Vulnerability Assessment: Why It is Necessary

Developing any sort of website or software takes a lot of time and energy, and given how much effort goes into creating these IT infrastructures and programs, we also understand that they can be vulnerable to potential problems. Recently Facebook had a breach and over 50 million accounts were compromised. Security breaches do happen, and sometimes even the strongest security systems can be hacked into and nothing can be done about it. However, as the creator of any software or important online content, you still have the responsibility of protecting your content and information, and this is done through vulnerability assessments.

Vulnerability assessment, like the name suggests, involves detecting and then assigning different severity levels to any security defects or weaknesses that might be present in your technology. It is also recommended to get penetration testing done along with a vulnerability assessment so that you are able to detect if there are any weaknesses in your security system and its supporting structures. Once weaknesses are detected and the simulation run through the pen test actually does manage to make a breach into your system, then you know that there are vulnerabilities and weaknesses in your system that needs to be addressed.

Running a vulnerability assessment from time to time allows you to make sure that any existing weak points or loopholes in your software can be taken care of quickly, leaving your technology and software more secure and reducing the likelihood of there being a security breach and someone hacking into your software and technology. A lot of businesses, especially IT services have to run this from time to time in order to stay secure and make sure that their data and system is not stolen and everything stays perfectly intact and safe as well.

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