What to Consider While Buying an SD Card

SD cards are used in our laptops, smartphones, tablets, cameras, gaming consoles and a hundred other gadgets yet not a lot of people even know what the ‘SD’ in SD cards stands for (Secure Digital, in case anyone’s wondering). We put a lot of thought and do a lot of research before we buy our gadgets but when buying the SD card, we just ask the shopkeeper to give us something cheap and with a lot of storage capacity.

Yes, it’s very useful to have a decent amount of storage capacity when it comes to buying an SD card but storage isn’t everything. If you’re looking for an SD card for your phone, you might favour storage and reliability more than speed but if you’re a professional photographer shooting rapid frames, you’ll want the fastest micro sd card for your camera over more storage if it came down to it. Here’s what you need to consider when asking for an SD card.

Consider Your Device

SD cards come in different sizes, speed classes and storage capacities. To determine what you need from the three, consider what your device is asking for. Some devices don’t even support very high capacity SD cards or those SD cards that are above the speed classes that they’re compatible with so you have to be careful about these things before you spend your money.

Your Usage

If you’re looking to record HD video on your camera or phone and store the results directly on your SD card, you’ll want the fastest micro sd card you can get your hands on for seamless recording. However, if you want to store and watch movies on your phone and listen to music instead, you might want more room over other things.

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