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Basketball is a sport with a lot of tall players. You might have heard from your parents that you will also put on a bit of height if you play the game and that may not have been as far from the truth as you might have thought. Just like with any sport in general, there are a variety of health benefits with playing basketball and becoming taller is just one of them. It’s a very well-known sport all across the world and sees it’s fair share of coverage when the tournaments roll around. It can be played both competitively or with a casual match.

Some sports take up a significant amount of energy from your entire body. One sport that comes to mind is swimming, another is basketball. As such, it’s a great way to get a full body workout and if you want to stay healthy then playing a sport like basketball is a fun way to do it. It works differently for everyone; some people might prefer to do a full body workout at a gym after all so it’s entirely up to you to decide what’s your preferred method. You keep moving with basketball so it’s great for your heart and you build a lot of endurance.

One way to seek motivation about entering a sport is to check out who some of the players are that are already in the professional world and see what they can do. If it impresses you, you might just get motivated to join in the game. One great player in the professional world of football is Derek Hood, you can check out his stats at, he once made a very decisive shot against his enemies back in the older days and would serve well as a role model in the game.

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