Keeping The Bathroom Nice And Clean With These Handy Tips

Though the bathroom is absolutely necessary for a life in any place, for some people, the bathroom is also a place where they can relax for a bit. Life can get very hectic at times but that ends when you’re in the bathroom; a place where you’re private and no one will disturb you. This is why people love taking long baths to unwind and reinvigorate themselves.

However, if your bathroom is getting dirty around the corner, you’re probably not going to find it as relaxing anymore. Because your bathroom is so important to you, you just have to take time out to clean it up. Some stains around the place can be especially hard to clean, but that’s only if you don’t know how to clean it effectively. We’ve got some handy tips and tricks from Reef stainless steel channels that can help you clean some areas in your bathroom very effectively with no need for scrubbing.

Lemons Kill Water Stains

When life gives you lemons, you should squeeze them into a bowl and use a soaked cloth to clean away hard water stains from your tiles, shower, mirror and all glass surfaces. In some areas in Australia, you get particularly hard water which can leave stains easily. Lemons can clean these faster than a lot of commercially available stain cleaners.

Use Mouthwash For Your Toilet

Here’s a tip that can make your toilet bowl shine and smell fresher too; just pour in some mouth wash and leave it there for an hour. After this scrub your bowl clean and flush away for sparkling results.

Bleach For Bathtubs

Bath tubs can get grimy over time and the best way to deal with this is to fill your tub up with hot water and some oxygenated bleach for half an hour to break away all the grime – no scrubbing involved.

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