Knowing Your Razors

We love the feeling of having a clean shaven face, however, we know that shaving our face also comes with its own share of problems as well. So, issues like irritation while your hair is growing back, resulting in itchiness, razor bumps due to ingrown hair and so on. While these problems cannot be prevented entirely, they can still be controlled and minimized to a large extent by simply knowing your razors, because once you understand different types of razors, you can make better shaving decisions later on.

  • Straight razors or safety razors consist of a single blade that folds within itself. This is the traditional and oldest form of razor that is used. They are good for a clean shave, however, taking care of these razors and sharpening them can become a hassle. However, straight razors are better option for people with sensitive skin compared to disposable razors.
  • Disposable razors are cheaper and more convenient, however, the quality of the blades is not good which leads to a bad shaving job and skin irritation as well.
  • Razors with changeable blades are a much better option since you only have to spend money on buying the razor blades.
  • Electric razors are a good option for people with sensitive skin. However, it will not shave your hair as close as other razors will.
  • Razors that are flexible allow for the razor blades to move more smoothly around the contours of your face, leading to a much smoother shaving job.

With something so important as shaving, it is recommended to opt for a more expensive razor since it will make for a good investment in the long term. If you happen to be interested, you can check out the Merkur 34c HD review – 5 reasons to get this razor [2018 update].

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