Learn How to Attract Bats to Your Yard

Dealing with pest and insects around your property can be a stressful task, especially if you have to manage a large area surface of land. Not only do flying insects damage your plantations and crops but they can also add further inconvenience to your life by entering inside your house. No one wants to see those creepy crawlies in their homes at night as they can easily put you off and might even trigger skin irritation. You might have suggested by some people to apply pesticides in order to keep them at bay, but these chemicals have several side effects. This is the reason why there is a recent hype about installing bat boxes and kits in houses, in order to deal with pest related issues.

According to an estimate a single bat can devour up to 4,000 insects per night, which can tell us about their eating capability. Now you can imagine how beneficial would it be for you if you are able to attract an entire colony of bats to roost in your backyard. The next time you see dead trees in the park, you might want not want to get them removed as they are highly attractive for bats as a nesting place. The bat house you should have multiple chambers that provide a proper place for the bats and the entrance from the bottom should have rough edges which replicates the impression of a tree in the forest. Big Bat Box house kits are known for their high quality and guarantee to attract maximum number of bats; therefore you should check them out. Bats are more likely to roost in a box that absorbs high amount of heat energy during the daytime as that helps them keep their blood pressure at normal rate.

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