Why You Should Be Eating More Popcorn

It is important to make sure that your body weight falls in the healthy category, not for the sake of conforming to society’s norms, rather to make sure that you stay healthy. People who fall in the overweight and obese category are more likely to develop numerous cardiovascular problems like hypertension, heart problems and so on. So, regular exercise and a healthy diet is an important part of everyone’s lives. So, while we are on the topic of healthy food, a lot of us end up assuming fruits and vegetables, and while they are healthy, they are not your only option.

Popcorn has been found to be dated back 6000 years ago, and this snack that we only end up consuming when going to movie theaters is actually a lot healthier than we realize. If you want to find out about more healthy snacks and recipes, you can check out Leelalicious.com.

  • Firstly, popcorn has no preservatives, no additives and no chemicals in it. This basically hits anyone’s jackpot. Of course this is only referring to air popped corn and not the one you find at movie theaters. A cup of popcorn has only 31 calories which is the perfect snack for anyone since it is filling and satisfying.
  • If you compare popcorn to other snacks like potato chips, they happen to have a lot more phosphorus and protein in them, and less than half of the amount of fat as well.
  • Popcorn is a customizable snack. You can choose to flavor it the way you want, you can add sea salt or a bit of caramel or cheese. In retrospect, the small amount of topping you add is worth the calories since it becomes a good midday snack that can help curb your appetite.
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